home and garden giveaway #2!

First, I'm an idiot and put the wrong month for the Home and Garden Show when I blogged about the give away a while back. Yup. Apparently March and May look strikingly similar to the untrained blogging eye. Second, I'ev been a slacker with this here blog, but I have reeeeally good excuses, I promise.

Luckily our first winner took it in stride is off to the fun this weekend, as am I! But there are still TWO tickets to give away! And I, busy bee that I am, jetted out of the country and returned, got sick and still haven't done it! So, here is your big chance:

TWO MORE TICKETS UP FOR GRABS! All you have to do is respond to the post (in comments) and tell us all what lovely spring project you have planned for your home or garden. Those of you who entered last time are welcome to copy your same project in for this give away!

I know it is last minute but you have all weekend to go - I for one am going on Sunday so let me know if you want to go with - carpool power! :)

I have lots more to blog about so hopefully I'll catch up with all you lovely people this weekend. Get commenting and win two tickets! Winner TBD tomorrow morning - I'll even DRIVE the tickets to your house to make up for my slowness (provided you live in 21224....).

love k


Summer said...

really enjoyed it. thanks Kimi!

RADgirl said...

I keep checking, and you never update! Anything new in the P-Park 'hood?

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