breakfast is for the birds

A short post, friends, but I had to tell you about something that made it totally worth the atrocious night's sleep I had last night. Or, to spin it more positively, a good reminder of why living so close to my office kicks booty. After essentially waking up for good around 4:30 a.m., I finally gave up and headed in to the office super early, it being a mere 2 minutes away. Totally lame, but hey at least I was being productive with the sunrise ratehr than tossing and turning, right? But it also meant that I was there when our receptionist arrived and began her pre-work ritual of feeding a mamma duck and her four little ducklings right outside our office! And you all know how I love to feed duckies!

Here are a few photos. Turns out Canton marina ducks are just as sweet and friendly as Patterson Park Boat Lake ducks! Just one more reason to come visit me at my sweet new digs - or should I say four more reasons?

love k


MK said...

this post is adorable :) i secretly stalk your blog :)

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