lights, cocktails....action!

This past week I discovered a lovely evening activity that is free, fun, close by, and thoroughly all-American. Let me build the suspense for you: Wednesday evening, N and I had a totally delicious, if not really late, dinner* after the Safe Streets rally, that left us thoroughly sated but not ready for bed. But what to do at 10 o'clock on a Wednesday night? Catch some ball games in the Park!

We mixed up a cocktail, headed across the street to the fields, and found a grassy vantage point to watch the BSSC games that were going on under the lights. The next night after our game ended we found ourselves doing it again.

And we weren't the only ones. Looking around the hill and benches, I saw people of all ages and races. Some had chairs and drinks, others were just pausing for a spell amid their dog walking. Everyone was just taking advantage of a beautiful summer evening by taking in America's favorite pass-time at their neighborhood Park. Pretty neat if you ask me.

Next time you find yourself pondering yet another evening of watching tv, consider walking over to Patterson Park to catch a few innings of softball instead. Because remember, a used park is a safe park.

love k

*The aforementioned dinner was both delicious AND easy. I bought insanely cheap flank steak the other day and had no clue what to do with it - it was just so cheap I HAD to get it. So I had this idea.... I sauteed some of my CSA chard and collards with CSA shallots with garlic and pinenuts. Then I crumbled some fig goat cheese (did you even know they MADE that?!) and rolled it all up in the thin steak after tenderizing it. Tied it up with some twine, popped it on the grill, then thinly sliced it. N made some cheesy CSA squash dish, which was truly miraculous. OH MY LORD! Go make this right now!

It looked a little something like this... I neglected to take a photo of my masterpiece, though...


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