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What a crazy, snowy weekend! Who thought we'd get more than a flurry? I am just loving all the snow this winter and hope we have a few more good ones left, since otherwise I find the cold pointless and depressing ;-)

Anyhow, I wanted to give you a heads up about something people in our neighborhood have been chatting about as of late, that sounds really neat!

Take a trip back in time, when fences were white, appliances were lurid, and fresh milk appeared on your doorstep. Yup! Home delivery for local milk is making a come back! Here's the scoop:
South Mountain Creamery is offering up an affordable and fresh option to supporting local farmers with their home delivery service.

If you've been the
JFX or Waverly farmers markets, you've probably seen their truck; if you're lucky, you've tasted their milk. Outrageously delicious, the fresh milk and cheeses makes you realized what you've been missing at the grocery store. SMC does not use pesticides, growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics (if they are sick and do need meds, they are taken off the line until they are healthy!. Their cows have free choice feeding of pastures, hay, corn and soybean, all of which has been grown at the farm! Additionally, they are working closely with local soil conversation groups to preserve the soil and prevent soil erosion. If that isn't enough to make you feel good about their milk, they also are working on green energy projects, such as a methane digester (converting cow manure to electricity) and bio-diesel (converting soybeans to fuel)! If that isn't enough, milk is packaged in glass bottles which are reused, cutting down on waste. Wow! Talk about going green for 2010!

While their home delivery has been available in other areas, we areaking a push to bring it to the 21224! SMC has told us that to do so we need at least 60 interested households in the area. To show your interest, contact SMC at 1-877-COW-2-YOU (269-2968) or

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