snow daze

Batten down the hatches - a blizzard is coming our way! If you haven't gotten your weekend necessities yet, I strongly advise you to do so before 5 o'clock since our local stores are going nutty already. But once you've stashed away your supplies and that snow starts accumulating you might want a few ideas for how to stay busy when driving isn't an option. I know some people are snow loves and some are truly snow averse, so I've included in door and out door options to keep you all happy:

If you just LOVE the snow like me, you'll be itching to get outside and play!

- Sledding
: If sledding brings on a second childhood in you, then head to either Pagoda Hill (bit of a hike from our corner of the Park) or to the little park by Ellwood (much closer and I might argue a bit better sledding...of course not as scenic). You'll see everything from trash can lids to old-school fliers making the runs. Last month I saw an EIGHT person sled train head down together!

Snowmen: I always get a laugh out of snowmen, so why not grab your friends and make some snow-avatars together? Bring out a few mugs of hot chocolate and you'll find yourself making some great memories and new friends from all your admirers.

-Snowball Fight!: I would like to take this moment to propose a full out snow war on Saturday afternoon...any one else in?

Of course, I know plenty of people are not as wild about the snow as I, and use words such as "annoying," "inconvenient," and "frustrating" to describe large snow falls. While I can't even begin to identify with these sentiments,* I recognize that they exist. So for you, snow-loathes, here are some indoor ideas:

Baking/Cooking: Now is the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen! Make that time consuming recipe you never get around to, or go the extra mile and pipe icing on cupcakes so they look like little snow men . Take time to enjoy the process of making something good. Oh, and then feed it to those of us who have worked up an appetite out there in the snow!

- Board Games: One of my gorgeous and amazing talented friends is planning to host a game night on Friday...Genius! What better way to pass the snowy hours than with friends, a glass of wine and some games? Ask a few neighbors over for a round or two of Pictionary and just see how upset you are about being stuck inside because of all that snow then! -Home Projects: Remember when I wrote about winter home projects? Perfect time to get cleaning, organizing and hammering!

These are just a few ideas - what do you like to do when the weather turns wild?

love k

Truth be told, when I read the snow warning yesterday at work I shrieked, leaped out of my chair and did some sort of tribal dance and chant around the office for at least 2 minutes - ask my coworkers. That happened.

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Meghan said...

I only loathe the snow when it interferes with plans like it has all winter this winter - especially since my dad is supposed to drive down here on Saturday to go to our home inspection. I'm trying to focus on the silver lining, which is that 2 feet of snow should help us identify any roof issues on Monday!

Meg said...

All of the above pleasssse! Bring on the white death!!!

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