reasons to love your snow-cation

I know that a lot of you are getting stir-crazy, cabin-fevered, and downright cooped up. Your car is stuck behind a four-foot wall of snow that is currently growing by about an inch an hour. Your job is making you take vacation days because you can't get there. Your street hasn't been plowed, so digging out your car was a huge waste of time. Your dog still has to be taken out, even though you'd rather nest up in a blanket.

You're sick of it.

I hear you. I really do. There are a lot of things about 3 feet of snow that put a damper on your daily rituals, that interrupt your life and throw you off kilter. But just pause and re-frame this situation - your car is stuck, so you've been walking places instead; your job is making you take vacation days, so you've been mandated to make the most of it and go have fun; you dug out your car and worked some different muscles than your regular workout; your dog frolicking in the snow is a total hoot.

I'm not saying you can't gripe and moan a little, but make the most of your lil' snow-cation! Here are a few things I've been doing that have made my snow days a blast:
* spontaneous girls' breakfast at my house, complete with fried eggs, hash browns, and sauteed peppers
* sledding in the little park by Ellwood
* trying to build an igloo, failing, and making it a snow fort with twig flag with my lovely ladies
* lots of long dog walks around the park
* group dinners

* watching The Corner

* neighborhood superbowl get together
* wine and good company
* snow cookies (white chocolate chips instead of regular!)

* walking to work and running in to friends and neighbors

* working together, laughing a lot, making a load of amazing memories.

What are your favorite, positive things about all this snow snow snow?

love k

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MK said...

i approve of this post :) thanks for reminding me not to be a grinch! i must say i am enjoying typing this as i sit in bed!!! xoxo

OM said...

You're right, don't get me wrong. And I can deal with the combined 8 hours of shoveling. Even if my body can't. But the water coming down our wall and onto the kitchen floor... Well, that's a different story...

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