patterson park wins the prize - again!

We did it again! Patterson Park has got to be the reigning champion of underdog winners in media by now. Let's recap: We've been in Southern Living, Bang for Your Buck, local TV, The Urbanite, Baltimore Sun, Forbes, and I'm sure myriad others that I have either forgotten or never saw. And now? Well, now we're in Travel & Leisure's list of "America's Coolest City Parks." Bam!

In the list with us are 12 other city parks, including Grant Park (Chicago), NYC's Central Park (Snooze.Played out. Too crowded. Keep your park, New York), Papago Park (Tempe), City Park (New Orleans), and Golden Gate Park (San Francisco) - as you can see, we were in with the big dogs.

It's a short snipped highlighting our quirky features, such as the uber-long sculptures in the "little park" (apparently that long blob is, in fact, a caterpillar - who knew), the Kinetic Sculpture Race (coming up in May!), the Great Halloween Lantern Parade, BARCStoberfest, and the Pagoda. According to T&L, the best time to visit our beloved Park is in May, but I think ANY time is a good time - heck, even in the winter we have an ice skating rink! In your faces, other parks!

Yup, we're officially big time.

It's going to be nice out again today - so why don't you go take a stroll around our award winning park, huh?

love k


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