the young urbanite's spring shopping list

This post could, more honestly, be entitled "Things K wants to buy (or has already bought) and for which she is seeking justification." But that's a little wordy, no? I digress. Spring may be playing a really ill-advised and mean-spirited game of cat and mouse with us, but I've had just enough hours of sunshine and warmth to have my spring cleaning and preparation juices get flowing. You see, I hate winter in a way that is laughable. I refuse to buy winter clothing (I have about 4 outfits all winter. I'm almost not exaggerating). I hole up in a bear-like manner. I leave the country for
warmer waters at least once -and then act like a fate worse than death has struck me when I return. Winter is, in my opinion, an offense against taste and decency*.

Oh, but once it is warm! I want to go everywhere and do everything. Farmers' markets, bike rides, al fresco dinners, coffee shop strolls, picnics in the park, games of tennis, dog park outings, backyard bbq's, games of capture the flag... you name it. I want to do it. In one day.

All this makes one want a few choice accessories, however, to fully embrace the urban lifestyle. Here are a few items on my Spring wish-list - I think you'll want them, too:
  • How can I combine cruisin' on my sweet beach cruiser and coffee without a handlebar beverage holder? Now that I know this actually exists, the real question is, how have I been living without one? Coffee from Fell's Points' Daily Grind or a smoothie from Liquid Earth perched in there would really complete my lil' urbanite look, don't you think?
  • While we're on the topic of bicycles, I also think a couple of these bicycle clip on shopper bags would at least double my purchasing power at the farmers' market - clearly my front basket is not enough! Just don't look at the price tag and it'll be juuuust fine...
  • I believe that one should be prepared for a picnic at all times - that's why I keep a blanket in my trunk all summer, a woven wooden picnic basket with a red and white checked liner handy (this is, in fact, true) as well a rainbow Tiffen box. For anyone who likes their food separated and not touching I recommend purchasing one of these ASAP - plus you feel pretty snazzy walking in to work with one, too. Brown paper bag? Snooze. Rainbow Tiffen box? Cool!
  • Now that I think about it, I could really use an upgrade to a cuter picnic blanket - the gray cotton one from an academic camp I inherited from a long-gone roommate just doesn't scream "cool." I could probably make myself one, but then I'd need a sewing machine...and also learn how to sew. Etsy has some cute ones, though....
  • Finally, for the fashionable femme, give your urban lifestyle a pastural flourish with a ravishing sunhat. Just because we live in a city, doesn't mean we can't get over-sunned, so safety first and all that.
So there's your spring shopping list - errr, my spring shopping list. Now if only my garden and patio would plant and clean themselves...

love k

*bragging rights to whomever knows the book from which that quote is taken. Only cheaters Google. And everyone knows that cheaters are losers.


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