sports and socializing for the sun

Today is going to be gorgeous! It's already 60 degrees and it's only 7:45 a.m. so it's not surprise that we'll be seeing warm sunshine all day with temperatures over 80! But don't get used to it - most every day for the next two weeks is forecast to be dreary, rainy and otherwise unappealing. So here are some ideas to soak up the sun after work today without wasting a minute getting back in your car (assuming you live in or around Patterson Park, that is...for the rest of you, well, let this be incentive to move here!):

  • Throw on your sneakers and go for a walk, jog or run! No matter what your fitness level you can burn some calories and enjoy the first signs of Spring in the Park. My favorite path, loops up to the Pagoda and then back down around the Boat Lake, but with almost three miles of paths I'm sure you can find one you like.
  • Grab a racket and play some tennis! Who cares if you're embarrassingly bad - it's a fun and social way to get outside and move around, and a great sport to learn for lifelong fitness and fun
  • Knock on a few doors and throw together an impromptu game of football or frisbee (or bocce or badminton if you have 'em) in the grass
  • I'll make this one easy: bread + boat lake = duck feeding frenzy! This is just as fun as an adult as when you were a kid, believe me
  • Watch some BSSC games! I swear it's more fun that it sounds. Many an evening has been spent with a beverage, Puppy and N taking in the action on the field across the street. Adults playing social sports, like kickball, is always funny, trust me
  • Have drinks or dinner at Bistro Rx, or walk down to Sautee. Both have outdoor seating
Oh, so many other options, but I want to hear what you plan to do to enjoy your afternoon and evening!

love k

P.S. photo of the pagoda by my lovely talented friend Jen!


Meghan said...

We took the pups for a walk around the 'hood! What did you decide to do?!

kimiya rae aghevli said...

Fun! I took my pup and another for multiple walks around the park (I couldn't get enough!) then walked down to and along the water with N with ice coffee beverages! Wrapped it up with some sweet turkey burger grillin'. RAIN RAIN GO AWAY TODAY!

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