if you're in the giving mood...

...there are plenty of opportunities coming up around here to do just that. Currently hanging in Three...Restaurant is artwork by Andy Schwartz and Jason Derck, much of which depicts life around Baltimore in prints of various sizes. Stop by Wednesday evening to grab a drink and check it out. If you should wish to purchase any of the pieces, you can do so knowing that proceeds will be donated as seed money for a food co-op we have in the works (more on that later). Charitable intentions aside, the art is straight up amazing.

Later this month, Mike Mitchell (of both our neighborhood AND Habitat for Humanity) is hosting a fundraiser party to support the work of the Megaphone Project, an organization that makes films for nonprofits and causes that support changes in thought, policy, and
greater social justice. The party will showcase some of MP's short films, as well as introduce party-goers to the Executive Director of the organization.

And finally, June 28th is the New Balance Baltimore Women's Classic 5k, so ladies get out your running (or walking) shoes and join your other female neighbors on the Patterson Park Princesses team to support women's health initiatives. Thanks to Heather H for organizing our neighborhood team!
Good times, good company, great causes!

love k


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