they came, we swung, we conquered

Oh, what a day! Despite torrential rains, sodden fields, and threats of lightning, we went ahead with our scheduled softball game against Highlandtown on Saturday and actually ended up with some sunshine at the last minute! With a 2 o'clock game-time, I hosted a pre-game Bloody Mary party to get the team fired up and ready to play. With bagels (Thanks Marisa!), cheesey croissants, fruit salad and beverages flowing, we distributed shirts (look how great they turned out - thanks Matt!), and played some tunes.

Puppy wanted to play, but as you can see his shirt didn't quite fit - he cheered from the sidelines instead.

A pre-game toast and rally in my living room!

When game-time came around we ventured across puddles, sinkholes and mud pits to get warmed up and size up our competition. And competition it was! Highlandtown definitely brought their a-game on Saturday, keeping us all on our toes (muddy toes though they were).

Our fans seemed to have a good time, too!

We even had our friends from Three... come check us out and cheer us on:

With plenty of cheering from the sidelines, we battled it out inning after inning, with coach Joe keeping the score, and Jen keeping the style:
With Councilman Jim Kraft (also a Patterson Park resident) as our umpire, the double-header delivered a loss to Patterson Park in game one, and a win in game two. A couple disputed calls were resolved with a pre-determined method: a chug-off at homeplate.

With an overall tie, the final win went to Patterson Park after a close chug-spin-run relay:

We ended the day with both teams patronizing each other's neighborhood bar, with everyone heading first to Three...Restaurant and then The Laughing Pint. While we may have claimed victory this time, I hope we organize a follow up game soon, because really the whole game was a win for everyone - good times outside with old and new friends and neighbors. Thanks, Highlandtown, for a great game and a fun day!

love k


jess said...

woohoo! love the pics and post...go p park :)

Joe said...

You might want to be careful with putting "we swung" in the title, it might attract the wrong crowd to our next game... Haha!

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