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Forgive the absence, dear friends and neighbors, but you all know how life has ways of taking up time. However, I've been making a list in my head for days of the...

Top Nine Reasons I Have Confidence In Patterson Park's Longterm Stability
(or, Why Patterson Park Will Keep Rockin' It)
  1. Location - Positioned right between Bay View and Hopkins Medical Center, Patterson Park is the perfect neighborhood to call home for students, doctors, nurses and support staff alike. Now if only we could add another shuttle stop...
  2. Housing Stock - With houses in our neighborhood running the gambit from cute little one bedrooms to 6 bedroom park-front stunners, there's something for students and families alike. As people outgrow their starter home, they can make a move-up purchase without leaving the neighborhood.
  3. Diversity - Our neighborhood is home to people of myriad races, ethnicities, nationalities, economic backgrounds and lifestyles, all of which make our community stronger and will continue to help us grow for years to come
  4. Comparative Prices - While I'm confident our neighborhood's value will increase in years to come, it will most likely remain a more affordable choice than water-front neighborhoods such as Canton, Fells Point and Harbor East, attracting young families, fist time buyers, and other cohorts looking for affordable housing.
  5. Active Association - The Patterson Park Neighborhood Association is one of the best organized and most proactive our city has. With a core of hard-working volunteers, the PPNA continues to pursue grants and public support for community building and strengthening projects, which will only continue to better our neighborhood for years to come as more members join.
  6. More Babies - Have you noticed that increase of babies and children living in the area? I sure have, and it's a great sign that people are boht moving into and staying in the neighborhood once they have children. More children mean more families, greater investment, and increasing stability.
  7. Schools - Out neighborhood has seen the addition of some great education options in recent years, such as the Patterson Park Public Charter School (PPPCS) and Patterson Park Montessori. See #6 for why this is awesome news.
  8. Continued Investment and Growth - Continuing and upcoming development in our area indicate a future of growth and prosperity. The recent announcement of the redevelopment of the old Highlandtown Middle School building by Focus Development shows that our neighborhood is still attractive to investors. And while the market is still playing catch-up with the glut of rehabs in our area, it means there our neighborhood presents attractive housing options for buyers now as well as in the future.
  9. The Park - Finally, we have 155 acres of park in the middle of our neigbhborhood! Well-kept fields, basketball and tennis courts, ice-skating, sports leagues, a name it, Patterson Park has it. Additionally, The Friends of Patterson Park and the Patterson Park Audubon Society work hard to keep the park clean and green, while also providing educational opportunities to keep people informed and active in what we all know is "The Best Backyard in Baltimore."
So the next time you're feeling frustrated that your property values are dropped since you bought here, or a rat eats your mint and parsley (don't get me started...), keep your chin up and remind yourself how lucky you are to call Patterson Park home today, because we've got a very bright tomorrow ahead of us.

love k


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