parties at the pool

Two days ago I decided to go to the Patterson Park Pool for a nice evening swim. It was perfect pool weather - hot and sunny but not so sticky as to be unpleasant outside, and it being six o'clock I figured it wouldn't be too crowded. So off we set, towels in hand, a skip in our step, and $1.50 to get us in the door. When we got near, we could see that the baby pool was pretty crowded - tots running through the sprinkler arcs and wading in the shallows. Parents chatted and corralled running children. All in all, it was a sweet little scene in the baby pool. The big pool, however, was empty, save for three older kids. Perfect!

Well, it turns out that
the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance had rented out the whole pool for the afternoon and evening for their annual pool party. While I was really disappointed (big pool! empty!!), I have to say it looked like a pretty good time was being had by the DBFA'ers. A moon bounce was set up in the back corner of the grass, lots of balloons and decorations around the baby pool and tables set up with what I found out was catered food! That's right, dinner was provided by Chipotle, drinks by Water for Chocolate, and hard-served ice cream in a variety of flavors from Taharka Brothers, all free of charge to DBFA members.

Morals of the story:

1. If you have kids, you really ought to join DBFA and start taking advantage of these great events. If you don't, well, you'll get left outside the fence staring forlornly at an empty pool and a spread of food. Or at least that is what I did. *sigh*

2. Who knew you could rent out the whole pool for the afternoon and evening!! Maybe we should look into a giant neighborhood association pool party and bbq? Perhaps following a follow-up Highlandtown vs. Patterson Park double-header....?

love k


Jen said...

Next Patterson Park party...AT THE POOL!!!!!

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