a befitting benefit for halloween

Have I mentioned the neighborhood benefit masquerade cocktail party (aka NBMCP) that I'm planning? I haven't? How rude of me! I'm practically bursting at the seam with excitement, friends. It's all my favorite things rolled in to one event - shall we break it down?
  • NEIGHBORHOOD! As though you need me to tell you how much I love Patterson Park and it's awesome residents
  • BENEFIT! The Creative Alliance, like so many local non-profits, has faced the loss of donor funding to support their fantastic events which keep local art and creativity thriving. The Great Halloween Lantern Parade is an annual event beloved by children and adults from within and outside of our neighborhood boundary. Donations from this event go directly to supporting the Parade's continued success
  • MASQUERADE! Oh, the mysteries of the masquerade just add such an element of old school class, don't they? I, for one, purchased my mask weeks ago, while others are making their own.
  • COCKTAIL! What better way to start your weekend that cocktails and hors d'oeurves?
  • PARTY! Decorations, food, drinks, candy, masks, cocktail dresses....need I say more?
Excited doesn't even begin to portray what I feel about this. Truly, the opportunity to help support one of my favorite neighborhood (nay, city!) events is one I welcome wholeheartedly. Hosting a worthy benefit with my favorite friends in attendance while dressing up with a mask is just about as close to heaven as it gets for me. If you are interested in attending or donating, please visit the event website to RSVP. love kimi


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