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It was with much surprise and excitement that I received two seemingly unrelated emails on Wednesday, with only the common thread of this blog!I'll tell you about one for now...

I was given two free tickets to the
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra from their PR Manager as part of their "bloggers night." As part of the evening, there were speakers from various media writers, such as Tim Smith(Baltimore Sun), Anne Midgette (Post) and Chalres Downey (IonArts blog), who presented a casual presentation/Q&A session preceding the concert.

And, oh the concert! This being my first trip to the BSO and really my
first symphony experience, I really had NO idea what to expect. Would I be bored? Would I be dressed appropriately (once again, a black cocktail dress is always a good call)?

Turns out I LOVED it. For starters, the concert hall at the Myerhoff is just gorgeous:

And the music! I loved it! The trio Time for Three opened with the symphony, playing an awesome fusion of classical, jazz, bluegrass...just all around awesome energy that everyone couldn't help byt get in to. Watch this - while not from the concert I saw you'll get a feel for the vibe and how totally adorable they are.

Here are a few more photos:

Anyway, I had a grand old time and I definitely would like to go on the reg'. There were definitely plenty of empty seats which was a little saddening - tickets are far from expensive ($25-$80) considering this is truly top notch music in the heart of our city. Talk to your neighborhood friends and plan to carpool over for a concert sometime. No matter what your normal musical predilections may be, I just know you'll love it.

Other good news to follow - I'm at the beach for the next few days so will finally have some time to relax and catch up :)

love k


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