pagoda photoga(rapher)

[Yes, I realize that title is beyond ridiculous. I can't help it]

I absolutely love when you see someone take an unfortunate turn of events and flip the script to make it an opening to a new opportunity. With the recent surge of job losses throughout our region, many young professionals have found themselves thrown into a tailspin when they're laid off. Some people, however, rise like a pheonix from the ashes of their former job to do something way more rockin'.

Take my former client and now friend Meghan Vince, who lives just a few
blocks outside our neighborhood in Canton. After being laid off with dozens of her coworkers, Meghan started the frustrating task of job-hunting. Rather than fall into a spell of cabin fever, she picked up her old hobby of photography. Within a matter of weeks she was turning this passion professional, exposing a true talent for portrait photography. I mean, heck, just look at her website, people! These photos are amazing!

I was probably the worst model anyone could ever want, but even with a total lack of talent on MY end, Meghan definitely brought out the fun of being photographed. Which got me thinking... what a great backdrop
we have in our midst - what better place to have some portraits of you, your loved ones, your pets, or your partner than around Patterson Park? Heck, now that I think about it... I have a hankering to have my business photo retaken with the pagoda behind me!

So if you need some awesome photos taken by a fantastic local lady who has found the silver lining in a tough lil' rain cloud, Meghan is your girl. You'll find yourself laughing and having a grand old time, and have some sweet portraits to admire and share. Remember, supporting local talent helps us all.

love kimi


MeghanLynn said...

You picked 3 of my favorite photos!!! Those are 3 of the 5 I used to make my business cards :) Thanks for the shoutout - can't wait to see you at the masquerade!!!

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