let's go to the movies.. in the park!

ok so this is so overdue it isn't even funny at this point. In fact, I haven't posted in so long it became this nagging task that I couldn't even face, but somehow the sunshine and pretty weather and upcoming vaca on my horizon has brought me around, so...

Hi! Great to see you all again - it's been so long! I've been busy with work and fun and life, so let's get caught up:

Many moons ago now, I went to my first "movie in the park"(The Never Ending Story, no less!) and it was a BLAST. Hosted by the "Friends of Patterson Park" throughout the summer months, "Moves in the Park" sets up in the small park near Ellwood Avenue, with a huge inflatable screen and several family friendly movies. Anything that gets people out of their house and in to their community is a great thing to me. More and more, I find that people are retreating their living rooms and dens to watch tv and play video games rather than get out in the world. Not only is this very isolating for people, it also means that ghey don't get a chance to meet their neighbors, enjoy their community, and take advantage of fantastic opportunities for young and old alike. So what better way to do all of that than by packing a picnic, gathering friends or family, and enjoying a movie together in the company of others?

I think that the "movies in the park" season may now be over - what a shame since I consider the fall to be the some of the BEST months to enjoy the outdoors - but let's all make a concerted effort to think of things that combine relaxation with community. What are your ideas?

(apologies for the poor photo quality - it was dark, and my niece is quick as a cat!)

glad to be back, and stay posted for more catch-up posts!

love kimi


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