haunting our 'hood

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than partaking in some serious decorations? In Baltimore, certain neighborhoods become known as the place to go for holiday decorations. Hampden has become synonymous with Christmas cheer, with Miracle On 34th Street drawing hundreds of viewers a night, and now spreading to surrounding streets and businesses.

Mount Vernon is the place to go to welcome Spring with its large festival, FlowerMart, being the spot to pick out all the blooms and blossoms one could want for the growing season.

Not only do these holiday-themed neighborhood events bring fun and festivities, but they also bring new faces in to the community, showcasing the neighborhood as well as bringing neighbors together in a shared fun project.

Why not put our neighborhood on the map? What if we all made an effort to go ALL OUT this Halloween to decorate our houses leading up to the Great Halloween Lantern Parade on October 24th and Halloween the following week? Let's make Patterson Park the best Haunted 'Hood in Baltimore!
[Completely unrelated to this pots, I just read this blog entry about falling in love with Baltimore - I highly suggest you go read it RIGHT NOW, as it so perfectly encapsulates why our city is incredible, for natives and newbies alike]

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MK said...

aw thanks for the little plug there! :) i LOVE halloween decorations, omgahhh. i get more excited for those than christmas decorations!!

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