up and at 'em!

I know I spoke about this at length just the other day, but here's a lil' reminder that tomorrow is the Baltimore Marathon. Even if you aren't going to be running, you can still have a day fit for a champion, like this guy:

1. Park appropriate, unless an entire day trying to locate your car sounds like a FUN activity

2. Get yourself up and out of bed and come to the Marathon Party! Starting at 9 a.m. you'll find all the cool kids on the corner of Linwood and Baltimore with food and drinks and joy in our hearts and oranges in our palms.

3. Give up on driving anywhere in the city until mid afternoon - treat it like mandatory neighborhood bonding time. Oh, you don't know what to do? Well conveniently I made you a list just yesterday!

Hope I see all your smiling cheering faces bright and early, and good luck all you runners!
love k


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