a picture postcard for a post

Today I am having a hard time concentrating because:

a. It's beautiful outside. But I am inside...lame

b. I am leaving for Chicago/Milwaukee tomorrow for the NeighborWorks conference with 8 other Patterson Park residents. I have not packed, or even thought about packing. Or done the laundry that needs to be done so I can think about packing.

c. We switched email platforms so life is in chaos at work. Ugh.

Luckily, I can share all the information I need to with two pictures of fliers from last night's PPNA monthly meeting:

I haven't gone a week without mentioning this coming up, but in case you need a visual to comprehend why I'm so obsessed, now you'll have one. As well as a schedule of events and lantern workshops! Hurrah!

Next up, there's going to be a Blessing Of The Animals in the park coming up! Also, take note of the weekly pick-up basketball that has been having a nice turn out:

Sooo, there's my lazy post for the day :) If I can scoot out of work early, do my laundry and organize my life I'm going to go take some fall foliage photos in the park so stay tuned!

love k


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