the treats of october

I'll admit that I'm not Autumn's biggest fan - over are the long, carefree days of summer sun, and the twinge of chill in the air seems like a harbinger of winter's arctic frost to come. I am not a cold weather person, despite the lovely fashion opportunities it proffers; my teeth chatter relentlessly if the temperature dips below 65, no joke.

So it may come as some surprise to anyone who knows me that despite my scowls at the early setting sun there are a few things I absolutely adore about this time of year, ESPECIALLY in Patterson Park. I figured by sharing them it will help us all stay positive, along with suggestions for how to make the most of our park, found in italics:
  • Leaves! Who doesn't love the changing leaves that paint an almost gaudily bright canvas in our midst? Take an afternoon to gather some especially beautiful ones and use them to make home crafts, such as a season wreath or in a tall vase for a centerpiece - it's the Fall version of taking time to smell the roses
  • Birds! With birds starting their journey south, huge swooping flocks are a breath-taking surprise. Join one of Patterson Park Audubon's Bird Walks to learn about our regional and migrating species
  • Parade! I've spoken before about The Great Halloween Lantern Parade here, but I consider it our park's BEST event all year. Invite out of town friends and family to visit that weekend to showcase our beautiful park and fantastic community
  • Pumpkins! Seeing people's hand-carved pumpkins and other decorations out shows pride in our community. Invite some neighbors over for a BYOP (bring your own pumpkin!) carving party and let your creative side loose, accept your pumpkin might get smashed, and carve away [ I have an idea related to this I'll share in another post to come shortly!]
  • Apples! Oh, how this fruit makes me smile - delicious as is, perfect for pies, and ready to warm your soul and fingers in cider. Pick some up at the farmers market and make some fresh pies for your loved ones and a steaming cup of cider for your morning walk around the park
There are many more reasons to love early Fall, but these are my personal favorites. They're all little things, but I think that is what makes them so great and easy to share - going on a stroll with a friend to catch up and admire the gold and auburn leaves in Patterson Park with a hot cup of cider is a truly wonderful way to spend an hour appreciating what you have. We all should make sure to set aside time to do just that.

love k


Summer said...

so are we having a pumpkin carving party? I would actually be willing to volunteer my patio for this if it's warm enough.

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