bathroom bonanza

So now that you're caught up on the first floor bathroom, I can move on to telling you about the second floor bathroom. Whereas the former was all aesthetics, the latter announced its issues by cascading water down my dining room chandelier and on to my new hand-made table a month ago. I re-grouted. I re-caulked. I re-waterproofed that sucker to the point that I'm reasonably sure I've caused a shortage of sealants in East Baltimore. But to no avail.

With a jetted tub circa 1990, completely irregular dimensions, and myriad problems, this shower situation called for expertise beyond my abilities. So, after one quote for $18,000(haaahahaha! hilarious!), I got a referral for the most wonderful person on earth named Faramarz who is both a plumber AND a tiler! Did I mention how insanely wonderful he is?! And reasonable? And lovely? I digress.

At first the plan was to just rip out the tub (no small feat) and surrounding tile, find the problem, fix the plumbing and create a nice, modern, step in shower with a built in bench. But then trying to find tile that went with the old pink and gray cheap floor tile (again, circa 1990) and uninspired two-bit vanity was...challenging. And seemed really dumb. So, out it all came! The whole thing! For about a day it sounded like large circus animals were battling to the death upstairs.

Now it looks like this:

Turns out the plumbing wasn't doing so well, so it was all replaced and moved to one wall (it had been coming out of two places. Weird). Also, the bathtub had been leaking in three places! Good riddance!

My tile is all picked out (challenging since stores don't keep tile in stock like they used to due to the recession, slower turn over etc.), as well as a new vanity. I'm beyond excited to show you the progress and completion!

love k


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