from IKEA to "i love it"

The thing about rowhouses is that each room is in close enough quarters to the next that furniture and decor has to flow. Standing in my entryway, you see every inch of my living room, dining room and kitchen, so I've worked hard to try to create some sense of continuity. When I first moved in five years ago, I did what most people in their early 20's moving in to their first house would do... went hog-wild at IKEA! Heck, what else could I afford? And it did the job, but little by little I've replaced things with nicer, more unique pieces that I like to think suggest a sense of personal style.

First there was the couch and love-seat from Nouveau when they moved to a new location - yay 80% off!
Puppy, my love-seat & two old whiskey crates stacked as a sidetable
Bindi the cat and my sweet sectional sofa - best napping sofa ever!

Then I coveted, and finally bought after a year (when it finally went on sale), my reclaimed factory cart coffee table. I bemoan the fact that they became hip a year later and now are in Pottery Barn, etc. But then I needed a new area I splurged at Arhaus and it tied it all together.

But all these lovely upgrades made my IKEA dining table look...silly. I wanted some lovely, reclaimed wood rectangular table, but every one I found was insanely expensive and way too wide for my rowhouse dining room. I started joking that N would just have to make me one...


I love it. I more than love it. It's made from reclaimed floor joists from 1900, so the boards are thick and beautiful. It's lightly varnished, so safe from heat, etc and a total work of art. I don't even really understand how he made it, and I imagine getting it in to my house, disassembling my old table, and getting the new one in place was quite a feat. But it was definitely the best Christmas present ever!

Now all I need is a rug for the dining room...

love k


Summer said...

awesome table!

now, time to chair shop?

kimiya rae aghevli said...

Yes, but chairs are SOOOO expensive! Maybe ned can learn to make me some of those? ;-)
In the meantime I got really cute placentas in the same blue so it actually looks semi-thought through ;-)

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