new tavern coming to three...'s location?

I got a tip that a new sign was in the window at Three... so I stopped over as soon as I got home and snapped a photo - anyone heard of or recognize this tavern? Looks like the sign has been moved from another location as an "R" has come loose, but would read Bender's Tavern.

There is a Bender's Tavern on Bond street in Fells Point...not sure if they're related. Anyone know anything about this?

love k


Beth said...

Very interesting...I'll have to take a jog over there and look!

Summer said...

so if the bond street address is what I found by googling, Matt and I drove by that tonight and it is actually occupied by... One Eyed Mikes. So maybe this was there BEFORE that? I have no idea. VERY curious!

Summer said...

and apparently it's gone now?

I think it's the sign that was on One Eyed Mike's before it was called that... and the guys took it to Three. And then somebody found it and left it in the window. I don't think we're actually getting this bar. Just a hunch.

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