who will be in the cdc?

The former Patterson Park Community Development Corporation headquarters on the corner of Linwood and Baltimore is set to hit the auction block on January 29th at 10 a.m. (on the premise). I, for one, plan to be there.

With such a prominent spot in the heart of our neighborhood, I am sure we're all a touch apprehensive of what will come of that space. With a great restaurant space on the first floor, two double-wide levels of office space and a fantastic roof deck, this property could be used as a fantastic addition to foster continued growth in our neighborhood. Let's hope the winning bidder is someone with the heart, hands, and honesty to make that happen - I know we're all ready and willing to offer support!

Some stats on the building:
  • Three-Levels
  • Commercial Designation
  • Approximately 4,869 sq. ft. Gross Building Area
  • The building is divided into two units (1st floor restaurant - approx 1,800 sq ft; 2nd/3rd floor office space - approx 3,069 aggregate sq ft)
  • A deposit in the amount of $75,000 will be required of the purchaser at the time of sale
Members of our neighborhood have been brainstorming restaurants that may be intersted in opening another location, businesses that could be good additions and investors that could consider the purchase. With only a week and a half to go, take a moment to think if you might know anyone who would be a conscientious investor ready to work in our neighborhood. The possibilities for positive impact are endless!

love k


Anonymous said...

We were at Baltimore Pho and mentioned to someone who appeared to be a manager that they should open an east-side location and should consider the Three building. They've done well on the west side with yummy food and a nice bar with tasteful TVs.

kimiya rae aghevli said...

I would KILL for Mekong Delta to open on the corner! That pho is TO DIE for and they are so consistently PACKED that they already need a bigger location. Now I want pho for lunch :). Another thought I had was somewhere like Parkers Market in Savannah - http://www.parkersav.com/parkers_market.cfm

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