open your hearts to haiti

With the recent earthquake and subsequent turmoil in Haiti, there has been a tremendous outpouring of financial support. If you're still looking for organization through which to give, consider looking into David Bersch's (from!) sister's organization that helps Haitian orphans. St. Josephs is, from all that I have read and heard, a true beacon for youth in need, offering a safe place and hope for their future. It is now St. Joseph's that needs help so that they can continue their good work.

While there are countless wonderful organizations out there doing fantastic work, consider giving to an organization to which many of us in Patterson Park have a connection through David.
For more information, read the recent TIME Magazine article; I imagine you, too, will feel a desire to help these kids. The St. Joseph's family has temporarily moved to a rental property due to the destruction their facility has faced. Rebuilding will be a long road and we can help!

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