winter home project: laundry/powder room make-over

I am fortunate enough to have a home with both a first floor powder room (hurrah! guests can come over and my bathroom can be a mess!) AND laundry room above the bowels of my house (aka the basement). Only thing is that they share the same space on my first floor... tough.

Taking a trip back through time, I should tell you how it looked when I bought my house. Unfortunately, the only photo I have is from the listing when I bought my house, and only shows you the door to the bathroom (though it does give you an opportunity to see how truly horrendous the entire house looked). But this feature is noteworthy since, oh, IT IS ACTUALLY A SALOON DOOR:

[Photo]I mean, really? You want people seeing your feet while you're in the powder room? Unbelievable. So you can imagine what it was like. When I rehabbed my house, a coat of paint and some white tiles freshened it up...a bit... But the sink is still miniature, the washer and dryer were old and fritzy, and the IKEA storage cabinet is a bit worse for the ware after three moves and seven years. Hmm. I imagine this is a plight with which many of us have battled - things aren't ideal but they'll do for now, right?

But then my washing machine stopped draining and spinning. And soon after my dryer lost the ability to sense how dry clothes are - one day you might pull out a soaking wet sweater and have to run the cycle TOW MORE TIMES to make it work, and the next morning you might, say, awake to find the dryer still roaring from last night's laundry. Whoah. Talk about a waste of water and energy...

So, a trip to sears and some fantastic negotiating later (truly, people, I got a major deal. Go to Sears. Work with Mac. He's the nicest man ever), I bought these and stacked them:

So now I have room to get a normal size sink some storage for detergent, etc and a good looking mirror...maybe something like this:

It's all a work in progress and a big ol' mess now, but I'll keep you posted with photos and such. My deadline is the spring home tour so I have to get on it!

What are you working on at home these days?

love k


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