we're at it again for home tour 2010!

Were you at last year's Patterson Park Spring Home Tour? How awesome was it?! Well, it was so awesome that we're doing it again with nine new houses and a new slogan - "Patterson Park Home Tour: We're Blossoming!" Like it? You better because that is my little brain child there, people!

But we ARE blossoming in so many ways, with new home owners buying in, residents starting up renovations projects to invest in their properties, greening projects, alley gating, block projects, grant proposals... you name it, we're working on it.

So while our flowers and trees may not be blossoming
just yet, they'll catch up with the rest of us by Home Tour 2010. So save the date! May 8th! Are you interested in helping out by opening your home or volunteering? Let me know (kimiya.aghevli@gmail.com) - I'll be needing help!

love k


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