swings, smiles, sunsets and a celebrity patterson parker

Just a few things to make you smile this Friday evening while you unwind for the weekend...no particular order, no particular theme, just goodness:

I took my niece to the swings in the playground across the street the other day, and it was awesome. When was the last time you let a simple pleasure fill you so fully?

Rush hour ain't so bad when it's Friday and the sun and clouds add up to this image against downtown:

I nominated one of our very own for Baltimore Magazine's Top Singles and she won! Congrats, Amina - now we all have printed proof that our neighborhood has some real catches :). You'll find the full article and list in this month's Baltimore Magazine, along with a feature article on the best employers in Baltimore (and they're all hiring - and THAT is some good news!)

Have a save, restful, warm, fun weekend, Patterson Park!

love k


Summer said...

Rock on, Amina! This goes along with Matt's idea to market the neighborhood with our awesome singles! :-)

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