kittens having kittens

It turns out that if you call the fire department to get a cat out of a tree, they don't come screaming in with ladders to rescue her. They actually laugh at you.

Sooo, when I found a cat in a tree on Thursday right as N and I returned from his flying lesson, we had to take matters in to our own hands. I actually had to hold a short a bush...
vaguely supported by the tree while N stood on tip--toes to hoist the purring, mewing tiny cat from the tree across from my house in the park. I mean, look at that face! Could you have left her up a tree? Of course not.

So long story short, her name is now Amelia (because of the just-completed flight lesson..get it? Get it?), she is 8 pounds, only 9 months old, looks like a tiny jungle cat, is completely lovely, aaaaand utterly pregnant. Yup. Knocked Up. With Kitten. Bun in the Oven. A Baby Having Babies. In fact, she might give birth any day!

While it's been a chore to get her special food, set up birthing boxes, get her vaccinated and tested and checked out by the vet, and clean up her sudden bought of diarrhea (ugh), I feel really good about taking her in. It's cool to think that I'm helping this abandoned animal at her most needy. I don't know where she came from or if she ever belonged to someone. What I know is that I can help her have her kittens in a safe place, with plenty of food and clean water, and then place her kittens in loving homes after they're weened. In the meantime, we're on kitten watch around here - so stay posted! There will so many kitten photos you're going to just need to adopt one.


Summer said...

kittens! YAYYYYYY!!!

Rachael Altemose said...

You're a great Saver of the Animals, Kimi! Yup, cats can get knocked up (not unlike people!) at a VERY young age...right around 8months they can get preggers.

As far as a "birthing box", for Hazel I just have 1 huge box made up w/ a foam pad & thick towel over top. This was Hazel's bed until she gave birth...then she stepped out of the bed & had the kittens on the floor. So - maybe you wanna keep Amelia in a room that has either hardwood, tile or vinyl flooring cuz the cat doesnt necessarily give birth in their bed. This was the kitten family's bed for the first 5weeks. Now they sleep on the couch chair in the room! Call me w/ any questions - I just went thru this 6 weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute - I feel like I need to at least be the godmother since Ted and I discovered her before relinquishing the problem of the cat in the tree to the Patterson Park Mayor! XOXO

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