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I promised you all a blog about the dairy delivery that I get each week, and since I'm sticking close to home until Amelia has her kittens ...perfect timing, right? You may recall that months ago a group of us Patterson Parkers banded together to petition South Mountain Creamery to add our neighborhood to their delivery route. Guess what - they did! With some slight modifications to the delivery procedures (namely, instead of leaving a cooler on the stoop, delivery men have copies of our keys to put our goods right in the fridge), we were good to go. I cannot say enough amazing things about SMC and the delivery system, but I'm going to try:
  1. Their milk is out of this world. 2% tastes like full cream and chocolate is other-worldy
  2. My delivery man could not be any more lovely, courteous or trustworthy - knowing he has a copy of my key and lets himself in and out when I'm at work literally doesn't phase me
  3. The whole process is online - from automatic payment details, to setting repeating items, suspending delivery when you're away, to featured sale items, you just click click click
  4. By working in a consortium of local farmers, SMC is able to deliver dairy products, beef, pork, chicken/eggs, cheeses, breads, jams, granola, prepared foods...the list goes on
If you haven't browsed their list of products, or read about their farming procedures, check out their website, or ask me any questions! Having SMC delivery and the One Straw Farm CSA both in our neighborhood just made it a whole lot easier - and more delicious- to be locavore.

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Summer said...

Oh how I love South Mountain! My delivery day is magical! To come home and find that the driver has placed everything WHERE IT GOES(!) in the fridge! it's just heavenly. My husband doesn't even put stuff WHERE IT GOES! Total swoon!

and the products are amazing, of course. Absolutely amazing.

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