park projects and tiny tots

Because I have a small dog that is spoiled beyond any reason, I go home every day around lunch to walk him in the park - the darling doesn't like to wait, and I value my floors and carpet too much. Two things happened today that made this normal business-calls excursion exciting enough to make me break into a run in heels and a work dress:

First, the restoration project we've been hearing about for a while to spruce up the entrances to Patterson Park is underway! For weeks I've seen signs things were gearing up - first the hideous white poles serving no function whatsoever along Linwood were marked for removal. Then arrows mysteriously appeared on walk ways. Two days ago I was kicking a soccer ball around with N and I noticed that dilapidated (and also pointless) black metal fence around the pine tree was emblazoned with neon pink spray paint, signaling its upcoming demise... anticipation was growing! But today, dear friends, today I saw real live people at work! And a big city sign was erected, lest we attribute the funds to someone else.* See?

*I have you noticed that the city is extremely efficient at one thing - giving itself a lot of credit when it gets around to a project..

As I was taking this in I saw what I've been waiting to witness for a few weeks now, ever since my niece started at the Patterson Park Montessori School. You see, every day the wee ones walk down Lakewood, across Baltimore Street, and in to the park for recess. But safety first, kids! They don neon orange and green reflective vests and parade single file holding on to a rope. I broke into a run, thanked the photography gods that I had my camera with me, and utterly disrupted their tiny train. Of course, moments after I took this photo, I hollered at my niece, who then was sorely disappointed that I was not, in fact, taking her out of school early to play... getting her back on the rope was a true testament to the teachers' abilities.

Good things happen to those who roam the park with cameras! [Though not to those who realize they're standing in front of their of office without their camera when Michelle Obama and the girls walking by...darn]

love k


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