performance at the pool

Every year I declare that I'm going to "audition" for Fluid Movement's Annual Synchronized Swimming Extravaganza... and every year something stupid happens to keep me from doing so. But it isn't going to stop me from going to the performance! This year, the show is entitled, "Jason and the Aquanauts: 20,000 Legs Over The Sea." Check out the description:

"Join the adventure...Come sail away to ancient Greece with the Legendary Greek hero on his perilous quest to find the Golden Fleece as only Fluid Movement can tell it. Replete with battles again a skeleton army, a talking masthead and the glittery costumes and swimming you've come to expect."

SIGN ME UP AND SELL ME A TICKET! I mean, can you get anymore awesome than water ballet combined with glitter and Greek mythology? NO.

The Extravaganza will take place at the Patterson Park Pool on Saturday, July 31st at 5:30(Benefit Show and Party - $20), and Sunday August 1st (Show only - $10) at 5 p.m and 7 p.m. Purchase tickets at the door an hour before showtime or online.

Anyone want to go with me?

love k

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Ashley said...

My mom will be in town and we're heading over Sunday night.

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